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Samsung P2250 LCD Latest Price
Samsung P2250 LCD

Samsung P2250 LCD Latest Price in Pakistan


Samsung P2250 LCD Price in Pakistan is 18,200

  • Plug & Play DDC 2B
  • Accessories DVI Cable
  • Multimedia Speakers No
  • Wall-Mount Vesa 75mm
  • USB powered Hub option No
  • Mac compatibility Yes
  • Cabinet Colour Rose Black
  • TCO No

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Product Description

Samsung P2250 LCD Latest Price in Pakistan

This LCD monitor is absolutely stunning for a reason. You’ll be stunned at its excellent Crystal Design and advanced and unpretentious coloring. With a dynamic difference proportion of 50,000:1 and 2ms reaction time you will appreciate sharp pictures that are essentially smear free. Obviously there’s the full HD picture as well. This SAMSUNG screen provides for you something lovely to gaze at, if its turned on or not. Reaction time alludes to what extent it takes pixels to turn from totally white to dark and back once more.

The bring down the milliseconds (ms), the speedier the reaction time is. A quick 2ms reaction time basically disposes of any obscuring, making this screen ideal for appreciating movie amusements and the greater part of your computerized diversion. The differentiation between light and dull colors on the screen is the thing that makes pictures emerge. The greater the distinction between light and dull, the more vibrant pictures will show up. With astounding element contrast proportions of 50,000:1 you’ll appreciate sharp picture quality that is certain to get your attention. Samsung’s precious stone planned LCD screen is verifiable a stylish upset. The embellishment procedure makes no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), and is free from the usual paint waste and residue.

Samsung P2250 LCD Price

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Additional Information




518.2 x 396.7 x 189.4mm


4.4 kg

Display Size

21.5 inch

Maximum Resolution

1920 x 1080

Contrast Ratio


Response Time

2 ms



Power Consumption

40 Watts




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