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Panasonic TH-L37X20R LCD Price in Pakistan


Panasonic TH-L37X20R LCD Price in Pakistan is 60,000


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Enjoy realistic starlit skies right in your living room. Changes in board contrast and scene-versatile contrast gamma redress have attained a high differentiate degree of 20,000:1. The backdrop illumination tuning region is likewise extended to realize deeper blacks.the wide 178* review point guarantees clear pictures indeed, when seen from an edge. The backdrop illumination’s wide transmission gap improves the complexity between light and dim, and enhances movement picture’s not difficult to view pictures with the SD card opening.

Watch and show your photographs directly after you take them. Essentially embed a SD Card into VIERA to presentation photographs on the expansive screen. Messages and updates might be added to photographs from a PC to make point by point travelogues and unique slideshows with messages for exceptional individuals. This further develops the potential outcomes for VIERA Game Mode, snappier picture reaction builds the delight in film recreations when a diversion reassure is joined with the TV. Also, VIERA produces the dim pictures in film diversions all the more obviously. This mode works with the opposition to picture maintenance (wobbling) capacity, as well.

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915 x 577 x 87 mm


13 kg


37 Inch

Motion Rate Hz



1366 x 768 pixels

HDMI Input


PC Input


Speaker Watts

10W x 2

Power Consumption

138 Watts


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