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Hp Printer 5510
HP Printer Photosmart 5510 latest PriceHP Printer Photosmart 5510 review

HP Printer Photosmart 5510 Price In Pakistan


HP Printer Photosmart 5510 Price 12,000

  • 4800 x 1200 dpi Resolution
  • Up to 22 ppm Print Speed Color
  • 13.9 Watts Power
  • Legal Paper Size
  • 5 Kg Weight
  • WiFi

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Product Description

HP Printer Photosmart 5510 Price In Pakistan

The Photo-smart 5510 is like its cousins-the Photo-smart 6510 and the Photo-smart 7510-in that it furnishes a color LCD touch screen with relevantly lit binds that you use to control the machine’s functions.the Photo-smart 5510′s looked exceptional when it arrived, as well.

The touch screen gives the unit an exceptionally current look and makes it quite simple to utilize. Paper taking care of is simple: A flip-out front board uncovers an open narrows with a 80-sheet data zone. In spite of the fact that a tad on the light side, photographs had a practical color palette on both plain and lustrous photograph paper. Content looked dull, fresh, and sharp. Outputs had a marginally cool temperature and displayed minor banding issues, however generally they were more than acceptable.

The Photo-smart 5510 prints ordinary, single-sided pages rapidly. Content pages developed at 9 pages for every moment on the PC and 8.5 ppm on the Mac. Preview size photographs printed to plain paper at in the vicinity of 4 ppm and to gleaming photograph paper at simply under 1.9 pp.

HP Printer Photosmart 5510 Price

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Additional Information




436 x 325 x 146 mm


5 Kg

Paper Size



4800 x 1200 dpi

First Page Speed

Info n/a

Print Speed Color

Up to 22 ppm

Power Consumption

13.9 Watts




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