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Honda Airwave 2014 Price In Pakistan
Honda Airwave 2014 Price In PakistanHonda Airwave 2014 Price In PakistanHonda Airwave 2014 Price In PakistanHonda Airwave 2014 Price In PakistanHonda Airwave 2014 Price In Pakistan

Honda Airwave 2014 Price In Pakistan


Honda Airwave 2014 Price In Pakistan Rs 1,750,000

  • 1.5-liter station wagon class
  • Window glass is fixed in position; available on G Sky Roof and L Sky Roof types.
  • FF vehicle. Fuel consumption in 10-15 mode (Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport calculations)
  • With two passengers and the front seats set to their rearmost position
  • G and L types; for G Sky Roof and L Sky Roof types, 1,230mm
  • Distance between the front and rear seat hip points
  • Honda measurement based on seating position of an average Japanese male (as determined by Honda)
  • For FF vehicle; or 4WD vehicle is 535mm
  • With five vehicle occupants; Honda measurement according to VDA formula
  • Honda in-house measurements

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Product Description

Honda Airwave 2014 Price In Pakistan

Honda Manufacture have been Known for produc Quality vehicles. This Car is another one of such amazing automobiles. However, instead of a completely new design, the manufacturers have used a fusion—a fusion of one of the best Honda Sedans and hatchbacks.At the front, the vehicle looks like Honda’s City while, at the back, the design of Honda Fit hatchback has been used. The final result is a station wagon which is classier and more spacious than both a sedan and a hatchback.

Honda Airwave 2014 Price In Pakistan
The vehicle carries a dynamic design which emanates style as well as elegance. The shiny metal body comes in bright colors. From the front to the rear, the vehicle’s seamless beauty does not fail to attract the onlookers.
It is a five door subcompact vehicle. The bumper merges with the sides of the car with a rounded appearance at the front edges. The front grille is chrome plated to give a look of confidence as you can see in the Honda Accord Airwave pictures.
A prominent feature in the design of this station wagon is its sunroof. It calls for adventure and fun. You can enjoy a long drive or merely use the sunroof for more ventilation. Let the sun stream in and the night breeze refresh you during your ride. Even if you keep the sunroof closed, you will get a wonderful view through the glass of this wonderful Japanese Honda car.
It comes as no surprise that this vehicle which looks huge from the outside is also desirably big from the inside in terms of space. Being neither a hatchback nor a sedan, it is larger than both of these. However, as far as versatility is concerned, the station wagon follows the footsteps of the hatchback, Honda Fit. There are four modes which can be opted for to vary the space according to your requirements. The utility mode, tall mode and long mode enable more space to be created for your luggage and cargo. On the other hand, the refresh mode is for the passengers to stretch their legs and enjoy a fully relaxing ride.


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Additional Information

Enbine Capacity


Engine Type

4-cylinders in-Line sohc vtec

Compression ratio


Bore x Stroke








Top Speed




Drive Type


Body Type


Dimensions (L x W x H)

(4350 x 1695 x 1505) mm


2,550 mm

Min Turning Radius

5,100 mm

Fual Tank Capacity


Tank Capacity



Ventilated Disc



Suspension (Front)

Macpherson Strut type

Suspension (Rear)

h-Shaped torsion beam


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