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HEX-3010 Solar Charging Inverter

HEX-3010 Solar Charging Inverter Price In Pakistan – Pkprices


HEX-3010 Solar Charging Inverter Review & Basic Info:

Homage has introduced an inverter with solar charging “HEX-3010 Solar Charging” . It means that if you’re worried about the bills & insufficient charging because of  load shedding. so you don’t have to worry now because Homage has manufactured a inverter which charges it self from the light of sun (Solar Charging). Say no to bills just buy Homage’s HEx3010 which will be charged without paying any penny.HEX-3010 Solar Charging Inverter Now you have advantage of this amazing solar inverter which has intelligent 3-stage charging control which saves your inverter from over heating & over charging. An other good feature is that this inverter shut downs automatically if the load exceeds its rated capacity.

Homage is providing free AC/DC cables, 1 year warranty and guarantee of saving battery life.

HEX-3010 Solar Charging Inverter:

HEX-3010 Solar Charging Inverter

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Product Description

HEX-3010 Solar Charging Inverter Specifications:

HEX-3010 Solar Charging Inverter


  • Intelligent 3-stage charger control:
    The 3-stage smart charger control ensures that the inverter doesn’t overcharge.
  • Power: 2400 Watt 3000VA/24VDC/230VAC
  • Capacity:10 tube lights or 25 energy savers & 10 fans and 1 refrigerator 12 (cuft)
  • Features:
  • Design: Light weighted, rack design
  • Display: LED & LCD
  • Proctection:low battery alarm,overload proctection,low battery shut down,over heating protection,short circuit protection
  • Power saving: Highly efficient DC-to-AC conversion, minimizing energy loss,Built-in MPPT to maximize solar energy harvest


Additional Information


2400 Watt 3000VA/24VDC/230VAC


10 tube lights or 25 energy savers & 10 fans and 1 refrigerator 12 (cuft)




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