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Google Nexus Wireless Charger Review & Price


Google Nexus Wireless Charger Price 9,00

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Google Nexus Wireless Charger Review &  Price

A charger is customarily something that comes free with your versatile mechanism. Makers may have finished away with incorporated microsd cards, earbuds.the Nexus charger is little, I would not joke about this truly small. It’s a little level piece 60mm (2.36-inches) on a side and 12.5mm (0.5-inches) tall. The sides decrease into a much more restricted base, which truly makes the entire bundle appear that much littler.

Google Nexus Wireless Charger Google Nexus Wireless Charger Review

The surface is sparkling with an extremely swoon Nexus logo in the core, however you may miss it assuming that you aren’t giving careful consideration. .Simply letting you know how little it is doesn’t do it equity, so here it is with a standard US quarter on it. The charger itself is a shockingly little square that is 2.36 inches on each one side and half an inch thick, yet its really thick it weighs 3.7 ounces, not all substantially less than the Nexus 5′s 4.59 ounce

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