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E-Bike Launches Price in Pakistan


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E-Bike Launches Price in Pakistan with Specifications

E-Bike Launches Price in Pakistan E-Bike Launches Price

E-Bike Launches Price in Pakistan with specifications & reviews. E-Bike beautiful design and super power.  There are huge number of energy crises we seen across the globe, Pakistan is also effected and facing this situations with the large amount of fuel demand with limited resources. uses an electric engine that runs fully on rechargeable batteries. The 800 watts motor can help the bike reach speeds in the range of 45-60 km/h. It is also cheap and affordable for the middle class in Pakistan where large number of people use 2 wheeler as transportation.

Other features include doorstep after sales service, alarm and automatic locking system, keyless start, disc brakes and a digital meter.


The E-Bike comes in four options, from 82,900 PKR to 95,900 PKR.

T-60                            T-70                                        T-75                              T -80                         Sport

Price                            82,900 PKR                         88,900 PKR               89,900 PKR      95,900 PKR

Battery                        60V20AH                             72V20AH                      72V20AH             60V20AH

Motor power            800W                                     800W                              800W                    800W

Battery warranty     1 year                                     1 year                                1 year                   1 year

Motor warranty        2 years                                 2 years                               2 years                 2 years

Colors        Yellow, Red,Blue     Yellow, Red, Blue     Red, Blue, Black, Grey    Black, Grey,Red


E-Bike Launches Official Video

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