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Black Double Sherwani Collar Designer T Shirt Price


Black Double Sherwani Collar Designer T Shirt Price is 1,700

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Shirts are normally made of cotton strands (now and then others), weaved together in a pullover fasten that gives a T-shirt its different delicate surface. The larger part of cutting edge T-shirts have a figure that is produced out of a consistently woven tube, so the middle has no side creases. This is refined with uncommon weaving machines called round weaving machines, produce consistent fabric for tube tops, leggings, and the like. Customary sewing is utilized for the waist band, neck band, sleeves and to close the shoulders. The assembling of T-shirts has come to be exceedingly computerized, and might incorporate fabric cutting by laser or water stream. Shirt styles incorporate numerous styles for both men and ladies, and for all age assemblies, incorporating infant, youth, high schooler, mature person and elderly sizes.


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Plain Cotton


Export Quality


Full Sleeve




Double Sherwani Collar


Medium And Large


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