Suzuki Mehran Euro 2 Price in Pakistan Model 2013

Suzuki Mehran is a small and economical hatchback model but available at reasonable Price in Pakistan. Suzuki Mehran 2013 is a small wonder, especially designed for middle class people. Mehran Pakistan has a stylish and stunning look, comes in four variants; Mehran VX, Mehran VX CNG, Mehran VXR and Mehran VXR CNG. Suzuki Mehran VXR model possesses the facility of air conditioner which makes it different from Suzuki Mehran VX model.

From the outside, the new look does attract. People were tired of the same old black front grille. But with its revitalized Euro II standardized engine, the front grille was also changed to make it give a better look. Then the new blue tinted lights give it a new look apart from throwing out bright light up to a distance. That’s not all, because Mehran 2013 does not stop here. The body color front and back bumpers give it a unified and modern look and the cherry on the top is its beautiful wheel caps. However, the side windows are the classic back ones and rest of the dimensions remain the same.

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